Remo Quicktech Drum Key -HK-2460-00

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Remo’s Quicktech Drum Key is loaded with features inspired by professional drum techs who have to quickly change heads on a daily basis all year long.

A small rare earth neodymium magnet inside the key prevents tension rods from falling on to the ground once they’ve been completely loosened. The wide, ergonomic face is very comfortable between your thumb and forefinger.

It’s easy to rapidly spin loose tension rods into their lugs because of the key’s extended length and the rubber grip at the top – or you could ramp things up by installing the hex-shaped top of the key into a cordless power drill.

  • Inspired by Pro Drum Techs
  • Rare Earth Magnet Prevents Falling Tension Rods
  • Wide, Ergonomic Turning Handles
  • Extended Length & Rubber Spin Grip
  • Hex-Shaped Top Fits Power Drills




Remo Quicktech Drum Key -HK-2460-00


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