Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Otherworldly Reverb Eurorack Module

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The Afterneath Eurorack Module brings the Otherworldly sounds from the effects pedal world right into your modular synthesizer with an expanded feature set. The Afterneath module features one main audio input, one main audio output, an audio send and return for the Reflect feedback path, and nine controls. Four of the parameters are controllable via CV, and each has been equipped with a dedicated attenuverter to process the incoming CV. The Afterneath module has a completely analog dry signal path and a totally digital wet signal path.

Module width: 16HP

Maximum Depth: 31.75mm (skiff friendly depth)

Current Draw: 95 mA from the +12V rail, 0 mA from both the -12V and +5V rails

Standard 10-pin Eurorack power connector with negative pin marking

Audio input capable of handling signals from instrument to modular level (with Input knob setting)


Earthquaker Devices


Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Otherworldly Reverb Eurorack Module


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