Bugera 412H-BK Guitar Cabinet

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The Bugera 412H-BK Guitar Cabinet


Classic 4 x 12″, 200-Watt Half-Stack Guitar Cabinet with Original Bugera Speakers

Want to add the awesome tone of a 4 x 12″ cabinet to your guitar rig? Then you need to check out the Bugera 412H-BK slanted guitar speaker cabinet. Not only does it give you tons of that classic 4 x 12″ sound, but it’s also affordable. This cabinet can handle up to 200 watts in mono mode. If you run a stereo rig, just flip a switch and split the cab into two 2 x 12″ rigs that can handle 100 watts each. With classic looks, great sound, and an affordable price tag, the Bugera 412H-BK slanted guitar speaker cabinet is a must for your guitar rig! The Bugera 412H-BK angled cabinet is a great all-around cabinet. Depending on the type of amp head you use, you’ll be able to cover any style of music with the 412H-BK. You can get the heavy low end you want for metal and dropped tunings, as well as ideal sound for rock, blues, pop, funk, and more. Four Bugera 12G50J4 speakers give you the full-range tone you expect from a 4 x 12″ cabinet.

  • Affordable 4 x 12″ cabinet with classic looks
  • 200-watt mono operation or 2 x 100 stereo operation
  • Switchable between mono (16 ohms) and stereo (8 ohms per side)
  • 4 heavy-duty Bugera 12G50J4 speakers for killer guitar tone



Weight 39.8 kg
Dimensions 81 × 41.9 × 80 cm



Bugera 412H-BK Guitar Cabinet


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