Big Fat Snare Drum 14 Inch- Snare-Bourine BB1076

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The Big Fat Snare Bourine damper pad includes the best of the Big Fat Original dampening tone and the addition of unique jingles. Simply place this on top of your existing snare drumhead to quickly convert your tone into a deep, warm and low vintage snare sound reminiscent of a classic 70’s or 80’s snare hit. The combination of specialized plastic skin and weighted edges provides a dampening layer that sits flat on your drum and evenly disperses lower frequencies through the drum. The Bourine Big Fat damper offers a full, low-end tone to your drum. The additional jingles create a modern twist to you snare hit with a subtle, cutting and short sustained jingle tone for added enrichment. With a thumb cut out on each model, the Big Fat snare damper pads are designed for performance in mind with easy and quick removal from your snare during playing, allowing you to switch between your original snare sound and your Big Fat snare tone between sections or individual hits. No need for Gels or Tape, or even a second snare drum at each gig. Just place the Big Fat snare damper on your drum and play!


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Big Fat Snare Drum 14 Inch- Snare-Bourine BB1076


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